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Nataliya Frenzel



Nataliya Frenzel was born in the Ukraine and completed her studies there as a state-certified piano teacher and music pedagogue. Since 1999 she lives in Germany. At the University of Augsburg, she studied the subjects of music education (the subject piano at Johann Winter), psychology and German philology with a degree Magister Artium (M.A.)

Today she teaches piano at the University of Augsburg, Department of Music Education and at the Musikinstitut Hochzoll. For many years she has been composing piano music for her piano students. Her memorable melodies with clear harmonic structures are already tried and tested in practice and are well received by her piano students.

In 2018, her 2 books with her own compositions were published by the publishing house artist ahead: "Inspiration piano" and "Romantic piano emotions".

The romantic piano music in these books is ideal for teenagers and adults - beginners and returnees.

In 2019, the first book for the piano beginners appeared: "Nursery Rhymes on the Piano" with music by Nataliya Frenzel and poems by the German poet Frantz Wittkamp.

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